Monday, June 7, 2010

Viruses or Viri?

I’m not really sure what the plural of virus is.  But any who… Something a virus i think got into my email.  So if you have gotten an email from me with like a Canadian pharmacy link.  I am sorry.  I don’t know how it happened because I have never used an online pharmacy.

I am also sorry for neglecting you. :(  I didn’t mean to, I’ve just been taking advantage of the surplus of sunshine here in AK.  I mean I really need to stockpile the Vitamin D, 8 months of virtual winter really depletes my stock.

Potty training is still going strong.  And Sydney is loving the “big girl” diapers.   I really hope that she loves this. 



It’s a  disappearing nine patch  using a hunky dory layer cake.  I only have 4 of 7 rows here.  It’s part of her Big Girl Quilt for her toddler bed.  She’s still in her crib for now but we will be transitioning soon to the toddler bed.  Kids really do grow up fast don’t they?

I think she may even be interested in photography.  She loves my cameras.




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