Friday, June 11, 2010

Big Girl Toddler Bed

Not so much….After an hour of transitioning my daughter’s crib to the toddler bed this is what we had….




A generally happy child.  And she stayed that way until naptime….Now there my child has been replaced by some evil hateful being.  The sad thing is I don’t know if it’s the “I-don’t want-a-nap” fit or “I hate this bed now” fit.  But for now  the cries have subsided and I think I won. 

I also wanted to showcase my work. :)  I made the pillow using the Cushion Couture tutorial and I have a couple more in the making.  The quilt you guys have already seen and of course everything is made using Hunky Dory.  I think I may be in love…I’ll definitely be heart broken when they discontinue it.

Yesterday, I had a moment of weakness.  You see, after 16 months, I’m still not happy with my new mommy body.  I have a tummy pouch and my hips are huge.  Oh the results of having a 10 lb 4 oz baby.  After 9 months of that weight on my hips, I’ve resigned to the fact that I will possibly always have a wide load below the waist.  But it still doesn’t make it any easier.



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