Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We have a new member of the family now.  His name is Bodie and he completes our 3 ring circus perfectly.  He was adopted at Valdez Animal Shelter and is around a year old. 


Bodie is our second animal shelter rescue, our first being Saylor the incorrigible, overbearing, incredibly loving Lab.    Who made sure to give Bodie the lay of the land today.


So far, there has not been a civil war in the house.  And for now, it’s “All Quite on the Northern Front”.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I won!

I won the Disney Blu-ray combo pack of The Princess and the Frog from Sugar Pop Ribbons.  Jen over at Sugar Pop Ribbons always has great giveaways going.  Current giveaways include: Slimware Plates, amykathryn bag,  and a Beco Baby Carrier.

I typically never win anything so this came as a complete surprise this morning.  My daughter and I had a chance to borrow this DVD from a friend and we both love it.  Anything that can keep a 13 month olds attention is a keeper in my book.  I am impatiently waiting for its delivery.


I think someone else may be too.  What is the best giveaway you’ve won?  Or what would you like to win?   I’m planning a new giveaway soon and would love some ideas.


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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cherry Lemonade

I just finished posting my newest creation in the shop.  I am getting really addicted to bright springy colors, maybe it’s because of the lack of color right now in AK.  My back door has about 5.5 feet of snow at it right now.  I can’t wait until the summer when we get 20 some hours of daylight.

I guess everyone in the lower 48 is getting into spring time now, how I loathe you.  No…I’m just kidding.  I am jealous though.   Well I guess I will leave you with some pictures of my newest creation.


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Tuesday, March 9, 2010




After 4 months of cutting and sewing, I’m finished.  I made this quilt using  Another Brick in the Wall by Carolina Patchworks.  It was for my youngest brother in law for his Christmas, birthday and graduation present.  It was made with the Arcardia collection from Moda. 



Forgive the horrible lighting in the picture of the whole quilt, we haven’t seen the sun here in Valdez for a few days thanks to the latest blizzard.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring Cleaning

So have you started yet?  I just have.  I took a few minutes during the Oscar’s commercial breaks to organize my desktop.  Yep, just starting small.  Well maybe that’s an understatement, it was quite full of random things.  Of course it was to avoid more tedious jobs but hey, I’m a mom and I want a break! 

This also gives me time to think about new items for my long neglected Etsy Shop.  Like a nifty case for your Nook, Kindle or similar sized e-reader using a tutorial by Christina at the Sometimes Crafter.  


Neat little guy isn’t he?  Look for different fabrics in my etsy shop soon.   Another goal for March, try to post here more regularly.  What helps you stay on top of blogging regularly?

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Amazing What A Little Steam Can Do







     This is the first pieced block I have ever made actually pressing before and after sewing.  And the points matched!  That’s a first for me!  I guess it leaves something to be said about taking your time to get everything pressed. 

What’s the best tip you’ve learned through trial and error?