Saturday, March 27, 2010

I won!

I won the Disney Blu-ray combo pack of The Princess and the Frog from Sugar Pop Ribbons.  Jen over at Sugar Pop Ribbons always has great giveaways going.  Current giveaways include: Slimware Plates, amykathryn bag,  and a Beco Baby Carrier.

I typically never win anything so this came as a complete surprise this morning.  My daughter and I had a chance to borrow this DVD from a friend and we both love it.  Anything that can keep a 13 month olds attention is a keeper in my book.  I am impatiently waiting for its delivery.


I think someone else may be too.  What is the best giveaway you’ve won?  Or what would you like to win?   I’m planning a new giveaway soon and would love some ideas.


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