Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sydney’s Teepee

Well Sydney’s teepee has been used and abused the last 24 hours.  I purchased this pattern at my local quilt shop and it was well worth the purchase price.  The pattern is for the teepee, sleeping bag and the stuff sack for the sleeping bag. 

And it’s not hard at all.  The hardest part was fitting the 2 10ft sections of pvc pipe into my Subaru Impreza.  (I was a sight to see in the hardware store parking lot) And the added perk?  When you get tired of looking at it, take it down for a couple of days and it’ll be like a new toy.

Also, I paid roughly $45 to make this guy.  To buy it I’ve found teepees for up to $300 dollars, seriously.  And the cat loves it too.



1 comment:

  1. this is so awesome. I just found a teepee for my son at World Market for $9.00. I bet the quality sucks. We shall see, at Christmas time.