Friday, July 23, 2010

Before I’m 26

I know I just turned 25.  But I want to accomplish a few things before I turn 26.  Kinda a New Years Goal list thingy…

  1. Run in a 5k.  (I’m not much of a runner lol)
  2. Take better care of myself (ie drop some lbs)
  3. Get Pregnant with Baby #2 (Long Story)

I’m sure there’s more.  Wait a minute 1 and 3 contradict themselves.   Ahh details. :) 

Thanks for all the birthday wishes.  I got in touch with everyone I had an email for.  And Shana won the giveaway.  (It’s in the mail now Shana.)


1 comment:

  1. I have searched and searched trying to find who I won this fabric from. I couldn't reply to your email and hubby threw away the package after I opened it. I want to thank you so much for hosting the giveaway for the beautiful Christmas fabric. I knew your name was Freda and when I was looking through my updates yours came up and I said...Oh my gosh, there she is! So, now I can thank you.