Monday, July 19, 2010


So tomorrow is my birthday (read a giveaway post) and I’ve never dreaded a birthday…until this one.  For some reason beyond me….I’m dreading turning 25.  Maybe it’s because I see myself as a mom, wife and homemaker at 25 and my college friends are single, childless and starting their careers.  For my birthday, I’m staying in and having a nice afternoon with the family.  And my friends are renting out martini lounges for their 25th.  But anyway…onto the giveaway…that’s why your here!

For your consideration…..


Yes… that is 4 fat quarters from Kate Spain’s 12 Days of Christmas.

You want them?  Well all you have to do is:

  1. Leave me a cheery chatty comment.  It is my birthday after all.
  2. Become a follower of the blog.  Or if you already follow me leave a little note letting me know.

Make sure to leave a note for each and you can get 2 chances to win.  I will take comments until noon Thursday July 22 Alaska Time.  And if your international, you can enter too!  So get to some comment love. :)



  1. I totally understand. I'm now 31 and since becoming a mom at 25 I've hung out with an older crowd no longer feeling quite like the teenager that my unwed and unattached friends feel they are.
    It's an adjustment but a good one. It has helped me see what my priorities are. And what they should be. Because when I was 25 and barefoot and pregnant while they were still at the bars--well I can tell you at 31 they are feeling that they are missing something in life and mine is full and happy.
    They're still my friends though. Now I'm just the stable one :)
    and the one they mooch food off of :)

  2. i'm a Happy Birthday :)

  3. Happy Birthday! I just always thank God for allowing me to have another birthday. The alternative is not good ;)

  4. Happy Birthday. I hated turning 25 as well. I think because you can't really call yourself "early 20's" anymore. Now it's mid 20s, then soon it'll be late 20's and then 30. Atleast that was my thinking. I hope you have a good one, and think instead of the things you've accomplished instead of your actual age.

  5. "being single, childless and starting a career" can never be equal or better than "being a mom, wife and homemaker" especially at 25, because if you are not then WHEN are you going to be???

    I think postponing marriage and kids is not such a good idea.

    you really should be happy about your situation because at 25 you have achieved a lot, which others are still trying to or not even thought of achieving.

    and after a few years you will realize that your friends envy you and wish they had what you have!

  6. oops sorry about the long sermon ;D

    I follow too!

  7. Happy Birthday Freda! You are lucky to have it all now and since you are sooooo young to have the energy and spirit. I admire you for all that you have achieved - enjoy and be proud. I love the fabric that you have chosen for this giveaway. Thanks!

  8. Oh! I am a new follower and what I have seen so far is very inspiring. Anyway, you go girl and celebrate your birthday with your chin up!

  9. Hi Freda- Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping over at Gen X Quilters ( I'd love to have you featured for Follower Friday. Keep in touch! BTW-25 isn't so bad!!! Wait until 30!

    I am now a follower of you too! Happy Birthday!