Friday, April 2, 2010

I should be cleaning….

But it’s so nice outside.  Despite the feet of snow still on the ground.


Yep, if you ever wondered why no one visits Alaska in the winter…. that’s it.  I live in Valdez, a town notorious for 300+ inches of snowfall a year.  And here we are April 2 with that much still on the ground.  It’s not this bad outside of town and snow has mostly disappeared everywhere else.  So everyone else out there in blog land, KEEP POSTING SPRING PICTURES!!!  It’s the only thing keeping this transplanted southerner sane.  I am really missing beautiful spring weather and daffodils blooming right now.  

Well, for now, I should get back to cleaning before Mini-me wakes up from her nap.  Or nothing will be accomplished until her bed time. 

P.S.   I haven’t forgotten about that giveaway.  I actually am planning a trip to the fabric shop today, maybe I’ll pick up something there. 


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